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There are many reasons why you may have decided to look me up whether it is because you are facing challenges, questions, struggles or difficulties of one kind or another in your life or whether you are feeling sad, confused, angry, dissatisfied, distressed, anxious - whether about things happening right now or things that have happened in the past - last year, or a long time ago when you were growing up.

It could be that you’re feeling low and just don’t understand why, or perhaps you have a vague feeling of not really being yourself, or knowing who you really are - but you know that you’d like to try and make some sense of it all, to feel better and to get in touch with your true self and experience a greater sense of well-being.

It could be that you are reviewing your life, your goals, your priorities and would like someone to help you to explore where you are at, to consider where you’d like to be, and gain clarity and focus. You don’t have to be feeling unwell or unhappy to come to counselling - counselling is a great way of working things out, making decisions or discovering more about yourself, finding new energy and zest for life, and working out what makes you content and happy with your life.

I believe that talking openly with someone like me who will try to ‘get you’, (you will have my full attention for a whole hour - if you’ve never had this from anyone perhaps now is the time to give yourself this gift?) listen to you and try to understand you without thinking badly of you, blaming you or telling you what to do. This kind of support and attention can really help you to sort things out, become clearer about yourself, and feel better.

Whatever your starting point is, however clear or unclear are your goals, I will work with you in a way that supports your process of self-enquiry,self-understanding  and exploration.

I know from my own experience as counsellor, and as a client, that this can help you to move towards healing and wholeness, to make changes where you’d like to, and to live the life that you would like to live - whether you live alone or with others. And this first step of chosing the right counsellor for you is the beginning of turning things around for yourself.Which is why I’m glad you are here.

Please feel free to call me on 0781 372 3254 or email me at if you’d like to ask me anything, or to arrange an introductory appointment with me where we can look further at how counselling might help and how we might work together.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

With my kindest Wishes,


Welcome to my website - I’m glad you’ve decided to look me up as I’m hoping that I can help you decide on whether I’m the person you are looking for to help you.

Because I believe that who you work with, and the relationship we form together is such an important factor in the success of your therapy, I’m glad that you are taking time to get to know me a little through my pages. I hope that you will free to contact me if you’d like to ask me anything that isn’t clear or doesn’t make sense.

Annie Pointer

telephone: 07443 562089